Week 15

Notes on visual details and finalizing your data visualization project

It was great to see many of you at the preliminary presentations. At this point, you are probably busy designing your data visualisation. These are some resources that could help you with the design and the visual part of your data visualisation:

Some resources for designing your datavis
An article from Kontinentalist, explaining how they handle the design process of a data story. It’s full of handy references to resources:

One of the issues you’ll come across is how to make use of color. Some resources specific on color in data visualisation:

On Andy Kirk’s website you can find this extensive blog series about the little visual details of a datavis. Andy covers all kinds of topics, you can search for what you like to know more about:
Andy Kirk’s ‘The little of visualisation Design’

Final Presentations
Final Presentations on May 27 and 28!
If you haven’t done this, you can sign in for a spot:

Guidelines for publishing your finalized project

  • Think about annotation:
    Give your Data Visualisation a title.
    Write a short introduction where you explain what the reader / viewer is actually seeing here. (e.g. patterns, missing data, outliers, correlation, causality)
    Make use of a legend, explaining what the visual elements convey.
  • Mention the data source:
    Where did you get the data? (include links if you have them)
    Which method did you use?
  • Post your final work online, so you can easily share the url and show it to anyone interested or put it on your portfolio. If you’ve got the skills, you could make a (simple) webpage and put your visualisation on there. But a section with text and an image on your Notion or Dropbox Page works just as well!

Questions / feedback
Please, if you have any questions or if you like to have feedback on (a part of) your sketches or designs, reach out to us! We can provide you with written feedback and pointers or schedule a Zoom call to discuss your questions.