Week 13

Guidelines for presenting

Give a short presentation (5 to 10 minutes) of your data project so far, showing:

-What will your final data visualisation be about? Which answers does it give? Which curiosities does it satisfy?
-Who is the target audience of your visualisation? Who is the final visualisation for?
-Which data did you collect and find? Which methods did you use to get to these data? What are the data sources?
-Which visual forms did you explore? If possible: show sketches of visual variations and explorations you made.
-Did you collaborate with any of your team members or get feedback form any of the international coaches?
-What will you be doing in the coming weeks? What’s your plan? Which tools you will use, you think?
-Do you have any questions / doubts? What part of your project would you like feedback on? You can address this either way you like, by showing a Powerpoint, by showing your Porject Documentation Page, by making sketches / drawings and show these. What works best for you. It’s a good habit to put up things on your Project Documentation Page as you can share it with the coach you will be presenting to or with other people you would like to show your project and as for feedback or advise. Remember: this is work in progress, your presentation doesn’t need to be perfect and finished. If you are doubting about something or don’t know how to handle it, please share this during the presentation because like that we can discuss it and you can take further steps.