Week 8

Are you on topic? Also: consultation week with our friends from Kontinentalists!

Please meet Bella and Mick from information design organisation Kontinentalist:​ Check also Kontinentalist’s blog on Medium:

Bella and Mick

This week there are a couple of things you need to do:

  • Do you have a topic to work on? If you have, inform your coach and student assistant per email.
  • If you do not, we have prepared a couple of topics you can choose from – NOTE: you are allowed to choose something that falls outside the scope of the group topic, feel free to choose what you want. (click here for a more elaborate description):
    1. Meet and Greet during COVID pandemic
    2. Plastic pollution
    3. Nutrition – Most popular food
    4. Nutrition – Breakfast
    5. Happy birthday!
  • Inform your coach and student assistant about your choice per email.
  • The super friendly people of Kontinentalists have scheduled office hours at which you will consult them.
Kontinentalists Office Hours
Kontinentalist at Outlier Conference