Week 6

Data Collection: desk research and online open data

This week Maaike noticed that Frank sits on a new wobbly chair, which is better for his back, but maybe not appropriate for video recordings 🙈. But let’s focus on this week’s instructions !

We hope you caught up with all the exercises and tasks. We have adjusted the general schedule a bit to give everybody some breathing space. There is a new exercise for you, and Laurens shares how he searches for and collects data on his dog, Rocca 🐶.

So here is our partly wobbly instructional video below:

Instruction video CCDL week 6

Transcription of this video.

Your question to fellow students:

Last week’s Exercise
Data Collection Exercise 1 COVID Signs

Guest Lecture by Laurens Aarnoudse
Finding and Exploring Data:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

Data Collection Exercise 2: Open Data
search for datasets on your topic
share the links to the sources on #data-sources channel on Slack, and write a description
– also put this on your project documentation page (notion, dropbox paper, etc)

Resources and links to data sources: