Week 3

Looking around: observation and data collection

Looking Around 
This week we ask you to look around! If you know what your subtopic is you will be working on, you can start looking around for data. But don’t worry if you’re not ready for data collection yet (if you don’t have an idea which topic to address). By looking around and observing your own environment you can get ideas as well.

To get you going, we ask you to do an Observation Exercise, brought to you by Jan Rothuizen. Jan is a Dutch artist and a great observer. He draws maps of his environment and the places he visits. Check out Observation Exercise 1! It’s a quick exercise which you can do in an hour. You can see the instructions in the video below:

Observation Exercise

Share the finished drawing in the chat channel of your project group!

Data collection and Qualitative Data

There are different kinds of data you can collect and visualise to give insight in your topic. In this week’s Guest Lecture information designer Andy Kirk explains which kinds of data you could use and how qualitative data are collected and visualised.

Guest lecture by Andy Kirk

The second part of the Guest Lecture is an interview we did with Andy. We asked him where and how to start collecting data for your project. Hopefully it will give you inspiration to start.

Interview with Andy kirk

Tasks for Week 3